South Staffs TSC to play at Hednesford Centenary Hall?

17/08/2014 20:01
Following discussions with Car and Sean Bradbury and Lee Morrall about the need to find a venue for matches,Mike has made enquiries about hiring a small room at Hednesford's Centenary Hall, next to the Catholic Church. By a remarkable turn of events, this was the very same venue which hosted the...

Stoke-on-Trent Open 2014

17/08/2014 19:53
A new tournement was put up by the newly formed North Staffs TSC at Clayton FC community hall on Sunday 10th August, and yours truly (Mike Bradbury) was unlucky not to win it. Winning five games on the trot and without conceding a single goal, he was up against veteran but still competing Colin...

Book about history of Subbuteo/Table Soccer in Staffordshire & Black Country

01/08/2014 13:31
Following a request from a former organiser of the Lichfield TSC to help out with their history, I have decided it was high time someone wrote the history of Staffordshire subbuteo, going back to the mists of time when Guy and Lance Smith and the Suttons had a club in Tamworth, and in 1970 joined...

New Rules spoil the game

01/06/2014 21:04
Each year new rules are put in force which continue to ruin the game as we knew it, and continues to alienate new players, and cause long-time players to turn their backs on the game they used to enjoy when the rules were sensible and football-based. For 40 years it was 2 positional flicks at a...

Knighton & Clun weekend

01/06/2014 20:24
Well, the long anticipated weekend to visit Tom Taylor (of the Woodentops shop and Lichfield TSC fame) and Guy N.Smith (founder of the Staffordshire Subbuteo Association in 1970 with Mike Bradbury) ended up as a disaster! A month in the planning as each new date proposed meant that somebody couldnt...

Meeting 16/3/14

16/03/2014 20:06
A meeting took place today in Rugeley, attended by Carl Bradbury (Rugeley),Mike Bradbury (Willenhall), Adam Bradbury (Walsall) and Elliot Bradbury (Halesowen). Also showing an interest were Adam's children, Nathaniel and Georgia. Carl suprised Mike with his form and inflicted his first club defeat...

South Staffs Club 2012-4

03/03/2014 00:40
active members for the past few years have been- Mike Bradbury (Willenhall) Carl Bradbury (Rugeley) Sean Bradbury (Rugeley) Adam Bradbury (Walsall) Tony Morrall (Heath Hayes) Lee Morrall (Hednesford) Elliot Bradbury (Halesowen) Christian Bradbury (Halesowen)

Staffs Cup revival !

03/03/2014 00:28
Staffs Cup founders Mike Bradbury (willenhall) will travel to Knighton (on border of Salop/Wales) in April 2014 to meet up with Guy Smith (Clun), Tom Taylor (Knighton), Algy & Sue Taylor to discuss the revival of this oldest of competitions, first played for in 1969 in the Cannock area. Other...

Visitors notice

03/03/2014 00:01
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Website launched

03/03/2014 00:00
Our new website has been launched today. Tell your visitors why you have started a new presentation and how it benefits them. Mention your goals and project advantages. Try to briefly give your visitors reasons why they should return to your pages.
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