New Rules spoil the game

01/06/2014 21:04

Each year new rules are put in force which continue to ruin the game as we knew it, and continues to alienate new players, and cause long-time players to turn their backs on the game they used to enjoy when the rules were sensible and football-based. For 40 years it was 2 positional flicks at a free kick. This gave you the chance of making an effort on goal out of it. Now, im told, its 1 flick only, and now, even your own figures do not get moved 'distance'. This crackpot rule means that free kicks are not only not worth having, but sometimes, you cant even play the ball forward, or where you want to, because your own figures are now in the way. This follows on from the lunatic rule which allows an opponents to score with a figure from his own half ! Oh yes, and now you cant take a block flick until the opponent has made his flick, which means theres no chance to anticipate where the ball's going and block out a long pass.

No wonder there are only 100 people left in England playing competitively where there was once thousands.