Staffordshire Table Soccer Association

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Still exists after over 50 years, as the organisation which oversees all official events in the county, such as county championships, Staffordshire Association Cup, Team Championships  and member clubs and leagues.
Staffordshire is England's 2nd largest county after Yorkshire, and stretches from Leek in the far north, down through Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Cannock, Bloxwich and Walsall. The south-west of the county has one of the most productive towns for star players, Wolverhampton, whilst the far north-east of the county has Burton-on-Trent, which has been a hotbed for players and large clubs of over 30 members in the past. In the centre of the county, the Lichfield TSC, with its 30+ membership and the enigmatic Tom Taylor, was almost the national centre of subbuteo in the late 1990s.
Created way back in 1969/70 season by Mike Bradbury of Hednesford and Guy Smith from Tamworth TFC, they are still active, and they are Life Presidents of the Association. Mike chaired the 5 man committee which ran the STSA until 1999 when he handed the reins over to Tom Taylor, until he moved out of the region to Knighton, just in Powys, and so Mike took on the mantle once again.
Going into 2018 with renewed optimism thanks to many former star players returning to the game after decades away, Staffordshire has 3 active clubs- South Staffs with 20 members spread across half the county from Burton to Rugeley and Bloxwich to Willenhall. Games are either played at members hmes or at the Jumpnation centre by Junction 10 of the M6, again on Sunday nights.
 A new Wolverhampton TFC run by Justin Scott plays at The Poynings Centre, Tettenhall on Sunday nights with at least 8 members. The North Staffs Old Subbuteo Club in Woolaston, Stoke has an annual international tournement in the summer but caters more for collector enthusiasts.
To list all the county senior,youth,junior and team champions over the last 45 years would be a tedious read, but if you want to see the whole story, then Mike Bradbury and Algy Taylor are writing the story of the STSA and the Lichfield TSC respectively, and both books will be published inJune 2017, priced at around £6 plus P&P from Mike at 19 Calstock Road, Willenhall, or Black Hill Books, Clun..
Below is a resume of important competitions and titles won by the leading players during 1968-2017-
Name                     Senior champ    Youth champ   Staffs Cup winner     South Staffs TSC       County League   Mercian Cup
Mike Bradbury                  16                                           18                            11                       10                                7
Carl Bradbury                    3                                             7                                                        1                                 3
Keith Holden                     3                                             1                                                        3
Roy Holden                       1                                             3                                                        1  
Paul Ryan                                                    4                                                                                                      
Paul Hackett                                                 4                                                  1                                                            1
Gurbax Atwal                                                                    2
Adam Bradbury                                            1                   3
Dean Whittaker                                                                 2
Sean Bradbury                                                                  2
Mick O'Sullivan                                                                  2
Trevor Silvester                 1                                                                                                       1
Paul Riley                          1                        1                    1
Tony Jungklaus                 1                                               1
Algy Taylor                                                                        1
Anthony Beddows                                        2                    1                             2
Tony Machin                                                                      1
Guy N.Smith                     3                                                                                1                                                           1
Jonathan Hayward                                      2
Mike Hammond                 2                       2                     2                             2                                                            1
Richard Kane                                               2
Mike Murphy                                                                                                    1
Colin Flecther                                                                    1                             0                                                            2
star players from the 1990-2010 era,such as  Anthony Beddows, Chris Short, Perry Robinson, Matt Lampitt, Dean Whittaker, all members of both the South Staffs Club and the Wolverhampton TSC went on to become Midlands and England Youth Champions, and were capped several times for England at World Cup events etc. Beddows went on to become European Youth Champion, and players not in the above list, such as Nick Lampitt and Steve Davis were also capped.
Roy and Keith Holden between them won the long-running Wolverhampton League at least twenty times;
Mike Murphy was perennial champion of the Brownhill League in the 1970s
Steve Davis was Aldridge League winner several times;
Mike Hammond won the Penn League several times in the 1980s
Paul Ryan and Tony Machin won many events in the county championships during the 1980s and 1990s
Mike Bradbury won the Mercian Cup 8 times in 14 years, other winners included Roy Holden, Tony Machin (3), Paul Hackett (2) and Guy Smith
Mike Bradbury won the Black Country Open 4 years running 1985-1989
Paul Ryan won the West Mercia Open 3 years running 1986-1989

Paul Hackett was Staffordshire Youth champion for 4 years running 1976-80

Mike Bradbury won the Manor Farm tournement in 7 of the 12 years it was contested 1976-1988
Mike Bradbury came 4th in the 1974 British Championships and was Midland Subbuteo champion in 1982
Mike Bradbury was Midland Senior League champion in both 1995 and 1996
Carl Bradbury was West Midlands champion in 1993
Mike Bradbury was North Midlands champion in 1993
Roy Holden has been Midland Subbuteo champion twice in the 1980s.
Chris Short and Matthew Lampitt both went on to play at International level for Valletta TFC of Malta.
Recent cup finals                         2019      Mike Hammonds (Wton)      1-0    Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)           at Brownhills
                                                     2018      Richard Badger (Wton)        2-3     Steve Davis  (Hednesford)         at Tettenhall 
                                                     2017      Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)   3-0    Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)     at Burton-on-Trent
                                                     2016      Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)    3-0    Guy Smith  (Clun)                       at Clun
                                                     2015      Guy Smith    (Clun)              1-0     Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)          at Clun
                                                     2014      Carl Bradbury (Rugeley)       4-1    Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)        at Hednesford
                                                     2013      Nick Lampitt  (Brownhills)     0-0     Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)       cup shared (played in Knighton)
                                                     2012      Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)    5-2    Adam Bradbury    (Walsall)        at Willenhall
                                                     2011      Sean Bradbury (Rugeley)      2-0    Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)        at Rugeley
                                                     2010      Carl Bradbury (Rugeley)*      0-0    Sean Bradbury (Rugeley)           Carl won on shots in Rugeley
                                                     2009      Carl Bradbury (Rugeley)       1-0    Tony Morrall   (Heath Hayes)       at Rugeley