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Founded at the start of 1969 by 14 years old Mike Bradbury from Hednesford, and half a dozen grammar school pals from Cannock who had a set for christmas, we believe that the South Staffs Subbuteo Club, and its parent organisation, the STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY TABLE SOCCER ASSOCIATION are the oldest continuously run subbuteo organisations in England.

We usually play to Advanced Subbuteo Rules (WASPA) although we dont enforce the 'grounded goalie' rule as we think an action goalie is a big point of the game; goalies glued to the pitch cant save any shots! We have played ETSA and FISTS rules in the past, but find that every year yet another stupid and demeaning rule is introduced. The end of the tether was reached when FISTF said you could score with any figure on the pitch, even your kicking goalie from 4 feet away! Bloody ridiculous! Reducing positional flicks down from 2 to 1 at a foul is also a nonsense after it being 2 for half a century. FISTF also say ALL free kicks are indirect; so how are you supposed to score or get a penalty kick then?  If you too think that merely touching a ball 1mm outside the little goal area results in a penalty awarded is ridiculous too, then dont play FISTF rules either. We feel that WASPA rules with a relaxation for a 'free' goalkeeper gives the most traditional all round rules to play under. If you want to wear yourself out properly, then play ETF rules, whose games last 40 minutes. Admittedly the old flat figures are brilliant for swerving and spinning, although poor for defending with. The 1" big ball can be made to do much more than the 3/4" WASPA/FISTF ball (which doesnt have enough air inside it because the skin is too thick) and thus some elements of the ETF game have their merits.There was, on reflection, nothing wrong with the rules as played in the heyday of the 1970s.

After being in existence for over FORTY YEARS, there is a vast amount of information and results to be compiled.

Football author Mike Bradbury and million seller Guy Smith have begun the process of recording the long and very successful histories of both these two organisations in a commemorative book, which will be published at the end of May 2017, at a low price (about £7). Limited to 50 signed copies from either Mike or Black Hill Books, Clun, Salop.

The STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY TABLE SOCCER ASSOCIATION controlled all OFFICIAL subbuteo happenings in the county from 1969 until the present day, and nearly TWENTY subbuteo clubs have come and gone over the years. After the SOUTH STAFFS TSC, the WOLVERHAMPTON (1965-1999) and the LICHFIELD TSC (1992-2002) were the longest surviving. 

SOUTH STAFFS TSC reached the final of the UK CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS no less than FOUR TIMES, and were Midland Club Champions numerous times.

The STAFFORDSHIRE ASSOCIATION CUP, first played for in the 1968/69 season, is now in its 43rd year, and well over 350 players have taken part over the years.

Many Staffordshire players have gone on to play for ENGLAND, such as Matt Lampitt, Steve Davis, Nick Lampitt ,Anthony Beddows, Perry Robinson, Chris Short etc.

The SOUTH STAFFS CLUB is still going, with matches taking place in Rugeley, Willenhall, and Hednesford.

Our users

We hope that subbuteo players both old, very old, and young, will find that this website will keep them informed of both our long history, and whats going on today in the 2010s decade. Mike Bradbury welcomes contact with ex-players and officials from Staffordshire, or any of the hundreds of players who we met over the near half-century of finger-flicking fun (and fury).

History of project

The purpose of this project is to commemorate the continued existence of both the South Staffs Club and the Staffordshire Association Cup for over 40 years. Going into 2016, we are happy to report an upturn in Subbuteo interest with several old players making a comeback, and just as many new faces joining us. Regretably ive had to turn off the section which allowed visitors to post a message as we were being bombarded with junk mail. Feel free though to e-mail us or phone at weekends. We welcome new, old, young or beginner players as we will rapidly bring you up to standard. We usually play Advanced Rules downloadable from the W.A.S.P.A website, but also compete in some F.I.S.T.F events under European rules, although the 22mm ball is used throughout.