Book about history of Subbuteo/Table Soccer in Staffordshire & Black Country

01/08/2014 13:31

Following a request from a former organiser of the Lichfield TSC to help out with their history, I have decided it was high time someone wrote the history of Staffordshire subbuteo, going back to the mists of time when Guy and Lance Smith and the Suttons had a club in Tamworth, and in 1970 joined up with Mike Bradbury's Cannock Chase club to found the STSA. My own records only cover 1968-2002, and so I will be relying on input from players who are still active, such as the Lampitts, Chris Shorts of this world to help me fill in missing data. I dont want a book listing millions of facts, figures, league tables and competition results as that would be boring, even to a subbuteo player. Rather, I want to talk about the individuals who made the game successful when it peaked in the mid 1990s, when we had about a hundred active players, and clubs in Lichfield, Wolverhampton,South Staffs, Birmingham and Coventry etc. Indeed, when I look back, I can hardly beleive that I ran the Midlands Inter-Club League, which had 13 clubs in 2 divisions and met once a month, with teams made up of four players representing clubs as far apart as Coventry, Stoke and Evesham.

Im currently extremely busy writing 3 books at once; my "Birth of the Saddlers" epic which will be published and in the shops by xmas 2014, which follows on from last years epic 450 page "Lost Teams of the Midlands" (Amazon,Waterstones,Black Country Bugle bookshops), and also a small childrens novel I wrote in the 1980s based on furthur adventures of Lewis Carroll's Alice.

The "History of Staffordshire Subbuteo" book (must think of a better title!) will be a limited edition of maybe 100 copies and will be priced at a low £3.99 or thereabouts.Think it might be Easter 2015 before thats out, but do contact me if you either want to order it, or want to give me some info on who won what between 2002-2014.