11/07/2016 16:19

Kevin Davies from Bloxwich bravely stepped in at the deep end and competed in the Carl Bradbury Trophy at Clun in July 10th. Never out of his depth, he had four 0-1 defeats before taking two 0-0 draws, and Mike Bradbury could only win by 2-0, so as he gains experience, Kevin will also gain further points in the club league. He follows Walsall FC, and for the moment will share Lee Morrall's Walsall team with very flat bases and Zeugo figures.

Another player expected to jon the ranks is Walsall's Ben Chance who as a massive 'Baggies' fan, will play in the navy stripes of a Woodentops team loaned to him by Mike, who is happy to paint up free of charge, any colours a new club member wishes to play in. Macca Niles, returning to the club after over a decade will play in the colours of Boca Juniors fro Argentina.