Sunday 21st September 2014

06/09/2014 21:25

There will be a full meeting of the South Staffs Club at the Centenary Hall,Hednesford,Staffs on the above date from 2pm-4pm. Three boards will be made available,all real baize snooker cloth,although I am in the process of making myself a(nother) new board with fake Astroturf (Fablon velour).

Sadly,a 100% attendance wont be possible as Lee Morrall has had to pull out due to work commitments for the Express&Star,but if Carl,Adam,Sean,ET,Christian,can join myself there, we can all play 2 games each. It would be great if Tony Morrall can turn out, as he has a long overdue match with Carl for the Staffordshire Cup !

Adams kids are welcome to come along: is it too fanciful to think that if Alma,Kim,Georgia,all played each other,we could have a Staffs Ladies champion?

Nick Lampitt currently has no transport and in fact is playing for England in Belgium in the World Cup today as I write this article! I have offered to pick him up for one of the future meetings. Im also hoping to track down Steve Davis who lives on the Sharon Way estate in Hednesford to see if he will come along.

The 0-0 match played between Nick Lampitt (Brownhills) and myself two months ago in Knighton,Powis was the 2013 Staffordshire Cup final,and thus the cup will be shared for only the second time in its 44 year history.

As to colours/teams etc, the following applies for this season-

Adam- L.A.Galaxy (yellow/green)       Carl -Leed Utd (all white)       Sean  -Flamengo (red&black hoops) or Chievo (all yellow,blue sleeves)

Mike- Napoli (sky blue/white)             ET- Arsenal (red/white)         Tony- old Walsall  (white/red)     Lee- Walsall  (red/white)

Kim- Man Utd (red/black)                  Christian- yet to say

As promised, I have painted up a team for everyone who said they wanted their own team, however, if you want a special team box in the colours of your team, I can order them from, but they cost £2-99, just let me know.