06/02/2017 14:21

At long last, the remeniscences of over 50 years of Subbuteo in Staffordshire and Shropshire is being published by Mike Bradbury & Guy N Smith. Limited to a very small number of signed copies (50) and priced at under a fiver, this is likely to sell out quickly. All the facts & figures are pushed to the back of the book, as we focus on players, personalities, and funny and sad stories from the 1950s to the present day. If youve ever played competitive Subuteo in this region, your name is likely to be in the book.


Update, August 2017, around half of the 50 copies are now sold, although the main problem is getting the message out there to former players that they are mentioned in this book, which became titled "Confessions Of A Subbuteo Player". The price had to be raised to £7.99 when the decision was made not to have 100 copies printed (which would have halved the costs but likely to have seen over 50 books unsold for some years to come). As it turned out, the printing company made a balls-up with the quality of many of the photos, and author Mike Bradbury rejected the 1st run, causing a month's delay on issue #2. After the 50 have been sold, the B stock will be released at just £4.99 each if you don't mind the dark photos in it.