Staffordshire Cup 2014 news

02/03/2014 23:21

The once-mighty Staffordshire Association Cup had over 70 entrants from all over the county, and took all year to play the 6 rounds off.

However, as elsewhere, the game is now a shadow of its former self, and player numbers are decimated.Nonetheless,creator Mike Bradbury is determined that "the show will carry on" despite the competition since 2002 only being played between the 8 members of the South Staffs TSC.

Mike has contacted some star players of today and yesteryear such as Matt and Nick Lampitt, Carl and Adam Bradbury, Guy Smith and the Taylor family, and we will play an improved version of the CUP in 2014. Some games will even take place in KNIGHTON, Salop.

Anyone else interested in entering this ancient competition only need to fulfill a few basic requirements-

1. you live, or used to live, in Staffordshire (including pre West Midlands county invented by the government!)

2. you work in Staffordshire

3. you have previously played in the Staffordshire Cup