11/07/2016 10:07

On an epic day of sport (Mens Wimbledon final won by Murray, Hamilton wins the GP, Portugal wins European Championships), six South Staffs Club members met at Guy Smith's farm near Clun on the Shropshire border with Wales. By completing the Staffordshire Cup and Shropshire Cups, all six players played each other at least once, and all the results went into the pool to produce the final table for the Carl Bradbury Trophy. Results were also added to the accumulative club ladder.

Opening the afternoon was a tense Shropshire Cup final between Guy and Newport-born Sean Bradbury, which was score-less at the end of time, and so 'shots' was required to separate them. After five shots, Guy's shooting was weak and Sean put his in to take the cup for the first time.

Matches were then played in the Staffordshire Cup, where Mike Bradbury, having eliminated Kim Bradbury and John Griffiths back in Hednesford, was awaiting in the final. Guy Smith scored the two best goals of the day to beat Macca Niles and Sean scored the only goal to put out rookie Kevin Davies. Thus the semi-final was another Guy v Sean match. Once more, with both players' adopting a cautious style of play,there was another 0-0 draw, so shots were again required. This time they were still level at 2-2 after 'shots' and so we moved into sudden death shots, from which Guy emerged into the final. Thus, the 2016 Staffordshire Cup final was a repeat of the previous year which was won by Guy (1-0). However this year, Mike was on determined form, and raced into an early lead, and when he added a second five minutes later to lead 2-0 at half-time, the game was out of Guy's reach, and he found Mike's goalie on top form when he tried two strong shots in the second half. Mike added a third by speeding up his game, and won comprehensively 3-0.

Up last was the Team final, and on paper, the Walsall trio of Mike, Macca and Kevin looked weak against Guy, Sean and Lee, and so it proved. Guy beat Kevin, Sean held Mike to a draw, and in the clincher, Lee beat Macca.

Scores-             Shropshire Cup Final                 Sean Bradbury (Newport)*   0-0     Guy  N Smith  (Clun)           *won on shots aet

                        Staffordshire Cup -

                              John Griffiths (Hednesford)              1-0            Lee Morrall      (Hednesford)

                              Kim Bradbury (Willenhall)                 0-1           Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)

                              Guy Smith      (Clun)                       2-0             Macca Niles   (Walsall)

                             Sean Bradbury (Rugeley)                  1-0             Kevin Davies  (Bloxwich)

                            2nd round -

                              John Griffiths (Hednesford)              0-3             Mike Bradbury  (Willenhall)

                              Guy Smith       (Clun) *                    0-0              Sean Bradbury   (Rugeley)

                              Final -

                               Guy Smith    (Clun)                        0-3              Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)


                            Team Final -

                            THE FORESTERS                           2-0                 WALSALL

                            Guy Smith                                        1-0                Kevin Davies

                            Sean Bradbury                                  1-1                Mike Bradbury

                            Lee Morrall                                        2-0               Macca Niles