Season 2020-21 summary

30/01/2022 16:15

Due to Covid, the season dragged on for over ayear but it produced a nail biting finish to the 14 player league, which saw frantic last week fixtures being played almost daily by the  title chasers. Eventually, Wolverhampton's Mick Hammonds edged past Newark's Colin Fletcher to retain the title. Colin made ammends by winning both the Staffordshire Cup )3-0 over Birmingahm's Tony Moogan) and 0-0 (won on shots) to retain the Mercian Cup against Walsall's Mike Bradbury. Birmingham won the Team League for the 1st time ever with a squad of Moogan/Si Davies/ Gary Pritchard and Steve Grainger. Dave Collettt from Chesterfield and Andrew Fake joined the new North East Midlands League organised by Fletcher and Henly.