Season 2017-18 news

22/08/2017 12:09

With around 14 players of varying abilities, the league this season sees new members from far and wide. Tony, Thomas Machin and George Handy all from Burton on Trent, plus Stephen Quirk and Sammy Murray from Abbots Bromley shifts the geographical centre of the membership base northwards well into Staffordshire. Departing players are Kevin and Theo Davies from Bloxwich (Kevin's musical career is taking off), and casual players Kim, Stacey, Nate, Lee and John Griffiths will just play in the cups. The annual trip to Clun on the borders of south Shropshire and Powis saw Mike, Sean, Maca and host Guy Smith compete for the annual Clun Trophy, and a resurgant Guy (now in his late 70s) go through the day with a 100% record and did not concede a single goal. All those results count as league matches, so for the time being, with 6 clear wins, Guy moves into 2nd place behind champion Mike Bradbury who has already  been beaten 3 times - twice by Guy (1-0, 2-0) and once in Burton by Tony Machin (1-0). Meetings are being held at least once a month in Burton, Rugeley, Walsall and Abbots Bromley and some in Wolverhampton too at Justin Scotts'. 

The 2017 Staffordshire PRO-AM went well, with around 15 players from the Midland and North Wales taking part, although another dozen or so probables were away on holiday. Surprise winner was Mike Bradbury who beat Llandudno veteran Richard Stock 3-2 in the final to add another trophy to his cabinet.

With the Wolverhampton TFC also continuing to gain members, the Staffordshire Cup entries will again be around the 32 names mark, and favourites include holder Mike, Mick Hammonds, Justin Scott, Peter Sleeth and Tony Machin. The local press and radio stations continue to show their interest and support, especially WCRFM who have done us several mentions, and an interview with Justin Scott. The Staffordshire County team has been ressurected (usually Bradbury/Hammonds/Scott/ Machin) and matches have been 'assembled' against West Midlands and Shropshire from competetive results played in the various competitions. The West Midlands four have been Peter Sleeth, Simon Davies, Simon McMurray and Adam Lundy, although strictly speaking, Adam is in Worcs but there are no other Worcs players to make a team up for that county. Shropshire can muster Christ Short, Guy Smith, Sean Bradbury, but need another name. It is hoped that a player from Telford can be tempted into the fray in the near future.