Old Time Player Gives Bradbury a Scare

02/04/2016 17:44

MIKE BRADBURY (Willenhall)        3 (0)    JOHN GRIFFITHS   (Hednesford)      2   (2)


Making a return to the world of  Subbuteo after a massive gap of over 40  years, Hednesford's John Griffiths amazed  Mike on his real baize practice pitch by taking like a duck to water with a set of Zeugo figures for the first time. " I like these" said John, as he opened the scoring from the right wing showing a surprising degree of confidence in his play. He then increased his lead to 2-0 with a fast move on the right which resulted in a shot before Mike could get to his keeper. In the second half, Mike got down to business and quickly netted from a central position. Five minutes later and Mke's blushes were spared when he drew level. Agreeing to play overtime, Mike took the lead with a rising shot from the edge of the box, but John wasn't deflated and looked dangerous with his direct confident forward play, but he was unable to get that third goal. But at least he really enjoyed it !


MIKE BRADBURY (Willenhall)    2  (1)  KIM BRADBURY  (Willenhall)  0  (0)

 A short game of 15 minutes where Mike encouraged his daughter to keep trying to hit that ball every time, and resist moving men closer to the ball! As a training aid, Mike never uses block-flicks until his opponent has gained improved ability.