New personalised base decals from John Griffiths Associates

10/09/2016 19:50

Following design work done between Mike Bradbury and John Grffiths, we now have for sale some unique 18mm diameter base covers depicting the name of the player in a set of 12. Some South Staffs TSC members have already improved and personalised their playing team with a set of these, in the colours of their choice. Unless we can devise a way of overlaying the computer design with precision onto pre-cutout circular stickers, they will come for the time being, on a strip of white card. The circles are cut out and glued on top of existing or better still, new bases, which give tidier results. Adam for example, has personalised his LA Galaxy team with a set of green stickers with yellow lettering picking out "Adam Bradbury" around each side of the bases. Supplied on card for self-fit at £1 per strip, or Mike will put them onto your team(s) for an extra £1 (as it takes about 30 minutes per team).