30/01/2022 16:01

We start all over again on Sunday 6th February, and again on 27th, and every 3 weeks thereafter until December. We have a regualr room at Brownhills Community Centre, where we keep four astro boards with metal goals. We do prefer the old Advanced rules (as they never alter and are set in stone, despite unofficial variants) but this year we are trialling a FISTF rules league for the 9 players who want to try the rules as used across Europe in competitions. If you have found your old Subbuteo stuff in the loft during Covid and want to play again in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, do come along and see what we get up to. Apart from regular league stuff, we also run the Staffordshire Cup, started in 1969, open to anyone in the Midlands, and we also have the Midland Team cup for teams of 3 players who represent their town, village or city. And yes, we are barmy enough to wear team or club shirts at meetings. For anyone unable to come to the regular club meets, then a home meeting where you invite 2 or 3 players over is also a popular thing.

We take great delight in bringing rusty players up to scratch, and have had many players who debuted with a 0-8 defeat, only to pull all those goals back within 6 months. You can still use the old 60s and 70s teams if you want, but will soon see the overall advantage of the newer flat based and polished up new teams from Zeugo or Profibase.We have capacity for 16 matches per meeting (4 session of 4 tables) and give priority to those who have travelled the furthest.