League Ladder now has 13 players

17/07/2016 20:16

Loads of results from Sunday 17th July from Rugeley. These have been fed into the table already. Five new players opened their season - Elliot and Maddy Bradbury from Halesowen, and Adam, Georgia and Nate Bradbury from Walsall. Tony Morrall took a shock 0-0 draw of leader Mike.

Maddy  0-1  Nate         Mike  1-0   Elliot       Georgia  0-2  Nate     Tony  1-1  Macca      Macca  3-1  Kim        Nate  1-1  Macca

Nate    0-0  Madddy     Nate  0-1  Elliot        Georgia 1-1  Adam     Adam 3-0  Nate        Mike    2-1  Nate       Tony  0-0  Mike

Nate    1-3  Tony.

By virtue of playing eight times, little Nate is in shock 4th place, although it will take many weeks before everybody has played 10 games. Mike does seem streets ahead, but he has played twice as many as anyone else, and his 25 goals in 15 games is less than 2 per game. No one has scored more than 3 in a game yet, so the good news is that no-ones getting humiliated, and everyones picking up points. Still to play (hopefully) are Christian (Halesowen), Kevin Davies (Bloxwich) and two Willenhall newcomers, Ben Chance and his son. The standard may be lower than in previous years, but the league seems to be thriving at the moment. Mike will host a meeting at his house with Kevin, Ben and Macca in 3 Sunday's time.