Latest news summer 2017

02/08/2017 17:25

Ther has been a lot of subbuteo activity across the summer 2017. Justin Scott organised the 1st Roy Holden Memorial Tournament in Woleverhampton, which was contested by 16 of the regions best players, and the final was Rob Ramsay (Lincoln Flickers) 2-1 Mike Bradbury (South Staffs). The various all-season competitions ended with Mike Bradbury runaway champions of the 26 player South Staffs TSC league ladder with Tony Machin (Burton) 2nd, Pete Sleeth (walsall) 3rd and Justin Scott (Wton 4th). The Staffordshire Championships final saw Mike Bradbury beat Tony Machin in Burton, and also beat Justin Scott in Burton to lift the Staffordshire Cup yet again. Scott then defeated Machin to win the Mercian Cup, revived after 15 years. The Team Final was won by the Walsall team of Mike Bradbury, Peter Sleeth and Maca Niles, ahead of unbeaten Wton, Bloxwich and Cannock Chase.

The 2017 Staffordshire Pro-Am tournament again in Wton saw 18 top players compete, and despite sustaining a broken finger on the morning of the event, Mike Bradbury defeated Llandudno's Richard Stock 3-2 to win his first open for some time, having lost recent final events. Flint's Cayne Matthews won the amateur section, and Justin Scott won the plate, defeating Adam Lundy (Worcs) 3-2 in that final.

Extrapolated from results on the day, and to the encourage the revival of inter-county matches, the following two results were compiled-

WEST MIDLANDS COUNTY      1-2    STAFFORDSHIRE                                 STAFFORDSHIRE     1-1   WEST MIDLANDS 

Peter Sleeth                                 1-1    Mike Bradbury                                        Tony Machin              1-2    Pete Sleeth

Simon McMurray                          2-1    Mick Hammonds                                    Mike Bradbury           3-1    Simon McMurray

Adam Lundy                                 2-3    Justin Scott                                            Mick Hammonds        1-1    Adam Lundy

Simon Davies                               0-1    Tony Machin                                          Mark Peppiatt             0-0    Simon Davies

STAFFORDSHIRE                                SHROPSHIRE    (to be completed in August)

Mike Bradbury                              3-1    Sean Bradbury

Mick Hammonds                          0-4     Chris Short

Justin Scott                                    v       Guy Smith

Tony Machin                                   v      A.N.Other


STAFFORDSHIRE play in royal blue shirts with a county badge on the breast, and a piping of red, yellow and blue on the sleeves.

SHROPSHIRE       play in golden yellow shirts with the county badge embroidered on the chest centre.

WEST MIDLANDS COUNTY   have not yet chosen their colours.