Guy Smith wins Shropshire Cup and Clun Trophy August 2017

22/08/2017 14:49

Guy Smith has been playing Subbuteo for longer than most people have been alive, and at the venerable age of 78, still has the wonderful spinning he always did, and his shooting this year is stronger than ever. With Justin Scott and Lee Morrall pulling out at the last moment, only Mike Bradbury, Sean Bradbury and Maca Niles made the 2 hour trip to Club by the Welsh border in August. Guy's ancient Black Hill stadium, an original cotton baize pitch on a plywood sheet throws many a "slide & glide" merchant out of the water who finds that unless you can spin as well, your form will crash. Guy took full home advantage, winning all six games, including twice beating champion Mike Bradbury, and then scoring the only goal of the match against Newport-born Sean to win the Shropshire Cup for the 1st time since it began in 1977. Curiously, no beaten player scored a goal, although Sean had a powerful shot wiped out for offsides in his return game against Mike.


Clun Trophy

Guy    1-0    Mike          Mike   1-0   Maca          Sean   0-1   Guy       Maca  0-3 Mike           1st  Guy Smith   (Clun)             6    6    0    0    8-0    18pts

Guy    1-0   Sean          Mike    0-2  Guy             Sean   0-0  Maca     Maca  0-1 Sean           2nd Mike Bradbury (Willenhall) 6    4    0    2    8-3    12

Guy    2-0    Maca         Mike   2-0   Sean           Sean   0-1  Mike      Maca  0-1 Guy             3rd Sean Bradbury (Rugeley)   6    1    1    4    1-5      4  

                                                                                                                                                4th  Maca Niles (Walsall)           6    0    1    5    0-9      1


Shropshire Cup Final -     Guy Smith  1 (0)   Sean Bradbury  0 (0)


2017 update - Guy commissioned Mike to make him a new stadium on thick MDF after it was pointed out that Guy's plywood board was showing signs of age and beginning to badly warp down the sides. Mike went to town and populated Guy's new stadium with about fifty spectators decked out in Guys colours of blue and white quarters, red shorts, and affixed images of the many horror books tha Guy had written over the years on advertisements around the pitch.