Four Nations Tournament

07/05/2018 17:17

Our sister club, the Wolverhampton TFC, has competed in this event for the past two years, between four clubs unofficially representing their countries. "Wolves" for England, Glasgow TFC for Scotland, London Road TFC for Wales, and Derry City for Ireland. The inaugural event was held in North Wales in 2017, then in Ireland in 2018, and Wolverhampton will be hosts next time. With South Staffs not being the force they once were back in the day, Mike Bradbury usually turns out for the Wolves, but a home venue will see Wolves putting out an "A" and "B" side, and Mike will introduce what may hopefully be a respectable South Staffs squad comprising himself, Tony Machin, Mike Murphy and hopefully a returning Peter Sleeth or one of the new recruits. This would mark the first time a South Staffs team has appeared since the 1990s when we were 5 times Midland champions and 3 times national finalists. Ho'way the Blue Hoops!