Cannock Chase Tournement 2014

21/09/2014 18:24

Family illness and work commitments reduced the entries down from 10 to 6 at Hednesford Centenary Hall on Sunday 21st September 2014,but everyone got to play 5 games, and the Staffordshire Cup Final** was resolved at long last.


1st session        Carl Bradbury    0-0   Tony Morrall          Sean Bradbury  0-0  Alma Morrall       Mike Bradbury   1-1   Kim Bradbury

2nd session      Alma Morrall      0-1   Kim Bradbury        Sean Bradbury  0-0  Mike Bradbury    Carl Bradbury    1-0   Tony Morrall  **

3rd session       Tony Morrall     0-0   Sean Bradbury       Alma Morrall   0-1   Mike Bradbury      Kim Bradbury   2-4   Carl Bradbury

4th session       Carl Bradbury   1-0   Alma Morall            Tony Morrall   0-1   Mike Bradbury      Sean Bradbury  1-1   Kim Bradbury

5th session       Tony Morrall     1-1   Alma Morrall            Carl Bradbury 0-0  Mike Bradbury

6th session       Kim Bradbury  0-0  Tony Morrall              Carl Bradbury 0-0  Sean Bradbury *   Carl won 1-0 on shots   


Final Table                                         PL        W             D          L           F     A        Pts

1.Carl Bradbury   (Rugeley)               5            2            3            0            5 -  2         9

2.Mike Bradbury (Willenhall)              5            2            3           0             3  - 1         9

3.Sean Bradbury (Rugeley)               5            0            5            0            1  -  1        5

4.Kim Bradbury  (Willenhall)              5            1             3           1            1  -  4        5

5. Tony Morall (Heath Hayes)           5             0             4           1            1  -  2        4

6. Alma Morrall (Heath Hayes)         5             0              2           3            1  -  4        2


Apologies received from Lee Morrall (Hednesford) who was called to work at the last moment, and Adam Bradbury (ill).

Nick Lampitt (Brownhills) was unavailable having recently returned from playing for England in the World Cup in Belgium


tournement report-

Three boards used enabled us to race through the fixtures, which originally were going to be a swiss ladder of three rounds, but in the end,we all played each other once (half a complete league!). With games only 15 mins one way, goals were always going to be at a premium, and 4 players only scored one goal each in their 5 games ! 0-0 draws were frequent, with Sean Bradbury drawing all 5 of his games, although his 0-0 with Carl was a top quality game with tight block-flicks on both sides, and Carl unable to unlock Sean's massed defence. Kim actually scored first against dad Mike and also against Sean to do suprisingly well. Indeed, it was intended for Kim and Alma to play in a mini group with Georgia (ill) for the Ladies title, but in the end, Kim's   1-0 win over Alma was taken as the Ladies Final.The final round saw giants Carl and Mike, both former county champions battle out a 0-0 draw, enough to give Carl the title on goal-difference.

Everyone used their own team colours which were as follows-

Carl- Leeds Utd (all white)    Sean-Flamengo (red&black hoops)    Mike- Fiorentina (all purple)   Tony- Walsall (red/white)

Kim-Manchester Utd (red/white)  Alma- Manchester City (light blue/white).

Elliot Bradbury from Halesowen would have played as Arsenal (red&white/white)

Adam Bradbury from Walsall would have played as L.A.Galaxy (green/yellow)


Due to serious illnesses, which I wont go into, no less than two outstanding Staffordshire Cup finals were concluded. Carl scored a late winner to beat Tony Morall 1-0, and Carl then beat Sean on shots after their final was another 0-0 draw. Tony's last appearance in a final was way back in 1976 when he beat Hednesford's Steve Davis 1-0 to lift the Cannock Chase cup.