Analysis of team figures

06/09/2014 21:43

Like a sad sod that I am, I spent an hour compring the differences between the different types of Subbuteo teams with the following suprising results-

Bases                             Figures                           Total weights                      comments


Zeugo                            Zeugo                            2.8 grammes                        fantastic shot, chips the ball readily, but NO spinning at all

Subbuteo solid              Subbuteo                       2.0 grammes                        standard team,good for sliding,some spinning possible

Profibase                       Subbuteo                      3.6 grammes                        very stable,great for sliding,No spinning at all,suprisingly weak shot                                                                                                                                       considering it has the highest weight

Subbuteo slot               BradMen **                    1.9 grammes                        lightest weights,but great spinning,decent shot

Subbuteo solid             BradMen **                     1.9 grammes                       good sliding,shotpower not bad, almost no spinning possible

Zeugo                           Subbuteo flats                2.2 grammes                       in theory, should be a great combination, but flat figure possibly too tall for                                                                                                                              the heavy bases,and thus,spinning is good but not great;shotpower good

Subbuteo slot               Subbuteo flats                1.9 grammes                       Again,in theory,should be the best of both worlds,but although spinning is                                                                                                                         excellent,they are unpredictable over long swerve distances; shooting suffers                                                                                                                         as  the bases are not as powerful as either Zeugo or Subbuteo solids. 

Subbuteo solid             Woodentop thins            2.5 grammes                       Tom Taylors Woodentops-a copy of my BradMen-perform well to allow good                                                                                                                           spinning, and work better in 'solid' bases rather than slotted bases,where                                                                                                                                they benefit from an extra washer added.


I am currently trying to assemble a best of both worlds team using BradMen into slotted Zeugo bases,as the 'shuttlecock' effect of the tall thin figures

does actually get the heavy Zeugo bases to leave the pitch and spin ! So far, I have found that standard subbuteo flats figures are a few millimetres too tall, so I will experiment with BradMen of fractionally different heights, until I hit on the best combination.


** BradMen are 

the hand-made figures which I make and sell. Made from artists card,and hand-coloured and then laquered to any colour you desire for £4 a set of 12 figures (goalkeepers extra £1), box is extra £3.