2015 Cup Finals

27/07/2015 13:49



Newport born Sean missed his chance to win the Salop Cup for the first time when he failed to capitalise on the few chances he made during the game. Veteran Mike made up for losing the Staffs Cup Final, and recently the Stoke Open final, with a comfortable two goal win. Goals and chances proved hard to come by on Guy Smith's old cloth board which was not helped by a slope into one corner. Once Mike had scored, there was only going to be one winner, and when the second went in, it looked like there would be more, but Sean kept posession well in the latter stages.




Veterans done come any more experienced than this pair ! Mike started playing in 1969, and Guy in the 1950s ! Normally, all money would be on Mike having a comfortable win to take the Staffs Cup for an unapproachable 25th time, but home advantage counted here. Guy seemed to be playing his best Subbuteo for many years, aided by his new hand-made Woodentops team in the colours of his favourite comic-book team "The Dazzlers" (Champion comics) which were red & white quarters, blue shorts. Mike was in his usual purple shirts Woodentops. The old but good quality cotton cloth better suited flat teams and neither player polished up. Guy suprised everyone by managing to keep posession for long periods -even at long range - and Mike found himself limited to just one attacking move. Guy's goalkeeper seemed unbeatable on the day, indeed, he didnt concede a goal in open play in 5 games. A direct free kick taken suddenly (all too suddenly for Mike's liking) flew into the top corner and Guy was 1-0 up. Guy grew in confidence and later had a shot from the edge of the box which Mike thought had gone in, but had only hit the inside of the post and come back out again. With Mike frantically trying to grab a late equaliser, time ran out, and the cup was Guy's after a world record 46 year wait (really).